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Covid 19 Measures in our Restaurant

We are so happy to welcome you back to our restaurant. We hope that you have a well deserved and enjoyable time with us here at The House. We want you to feel welcome, safe and comfortable dining with us. We have endeavoured to follow all the government advice on mitigating transmission of Covid 19 within are establishment. 


* Ask every customer or visitor (over the age of 16) to provide their name and contact details

* Keep a record of all staff working on the premises and their shift times and their contact details

* Keep these records of customers, visitors and staff for 21 days and provide data to NHS Test and Trace if requested

* Display an official NHS QR code poster so that customers can check in

* Can refuse entry to anyone who refuses to participate with the above

To mitigate risk of transmission we have followed government guidelines.



* Have increased our cleaning procedures throughout the restaurant significantly throughout the day

* Are encouraging our guests to pay by card rather than handling cash

* Are sanitising the card processing machines regularly

* Have removed multiple use items from our tables such as salt and pepper grinders

* Stagger our bookings diary more efficiently for less traffic at certain times

* Are operating a reduced a la carte menu for the foreseeable future and these menus are now laminated and sanitised regularly

* Have distanced our tables in accordance to the guidelines we have been given with a metre plus between side by side dining and 2 metres face to face. The restaurant capacity is significantly reduced

* Provide hand sanitiser throughout our establishment

* Have provided clear signage indicating to our guests how they are expected to behave within the restaurant for example to wear masks when walking to and from the toilets

* Have reduced our opening days in order to reduce the size of our team/working bubbles

* Wear masks at all times (except those who are exempt)

* Practice side by side working as much as possible

* Minimise the amount of times we have contact with our guests. We will refrain from spending excess time at your table except to deliver your food and drink

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